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Visiting the Acropolis ancient ruins in Greece


The Acropolis of ancient Athens is a collection of buildings and monuments sitting high atop an elevated plateau in the center of the city. The hill has been inhabited since the 4th Millenium BC, but the buildings of the Acropolis date back to the 5th century BC when they were commissioned by a guy called Pericles during what is known as the Golden Age of Athens.



Although each building has its own story to tell, many of the most famous structures that remain were built around this time.

This piece of history is under renovation and has been since 1975 – a painstaking process of restoring the Parthenon columns and many other buildings. It’s important to value this heritage and not touch or stand on any of the ancient structures when you visit the Acropolis.

The Greeks firmly believe that it is the right of the entire city to share a view of the Acropolis – it should not be the privilege of the wealthy few. Because of this, most of the buildings in Athens are constructed quite low to the ground compared to other cities.
There’s also the option of paying for an audio guide at the Acropolis entrance, signing up for Acropolis guided tours, or even downloading a phone app with information and helpful tour maps.