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The Better Nevada Vacation: Reno Vs. Las Vegas ?



The desert state of Nevada is a stunning region if one is keen to get out and start exploring its many state forests and mountains.
Pros And Cons: Reno
Reno is much smaller than Las Vegas and cheaper (hotel-wise). This is perhaps its biggest benefit – cost. Once inside the Casinos, they may look somewhat similar, but on the outside, the city of Ren0-Sparks is a shadow of that of Las Vegas. Reno is perhaps better suited as a family holiday destination or for those more interested in the outdoors of Nevada.



Population: 475,000 Reno-Sparks
Cheaper: Hotels in Reno Are Much Cheaper Than Vegas
But still, that doesn’t mean that Reno completely loses out on everything else; it is a completely different experience. Reno has some other things going for it. It is only a short drive away from the stunning alpine lake of Lake Tahoe, just on the border with California and Nevada. This is a picturesque location of forests and greenery and a refreshing break from the deserts that characterize Nevada.

Lake Tahoe: The Tranquil Lake Tahoe Is Nearby
Another attraction just out of Reno is the living ghost old-timey town of Virginia City. Virginia City is another awesome day trip from Reno, only around an hour or so drive away.



Virginia City: Stunning Boom-Cowboy-Ghost-Living Town Just Out Of Reno
Finally, one thing that Reno has over Las Vegas is the high desert. Las Vegas is in the low desert. The upshot is that the weather in Reno is far less hot. The weather in the summer is much more bearable, and one will actually want to be outside rather than continuously hiding away from the sun in the heat of the day, like in Las Vegas.

Weather: The Weather Is Much Less Oppressive
Pros And Cons: Las Vegas
Las Vegas is THE Sin City, with Reno being a sidekick at best and a byword or joke at worst. Yes, there are casinos and shows in Reno. But Las Vegas has THE casinos and shows. There is simply no answer to the Strip in Reno. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What happens in Reno, stays in Reno? – Nah.



The Strip: No Reno Answer To That
Population: 2 Million
When it comes to weather, the reverse is true. It is a low desert, and the summer months can be oppressively and swelteringly hot. One is likely to want to spend the whole day indoors. That being said, most folks visiting Vegas are probably only intending to stay indoors anyway.

Two of the awesome attractions nearby that Las Vegas has is the Hoover Dam on Lake Meed (this is a truly impressive feat of engineering) and Area 51, one for those interested in spotting the occasional UFO. It seems aliens from outer space choose Las Vegas over Reno too :).

Note: Remember Area 51 Is A Restricted Area
Another great attraction of Las Vegas is that it is one of the main gateways to the utterly eye-popping Grand Canyon. Many tours (including day tours) leave from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Some of these tours will pick people up at their hotels, fly them to the Grand Canyon in a small aircraft, and then into the Canyon in a helicopter. These tours are easily purchased in Vegas.

Gateway: The Grand Canyon
And, of course, there’s cost; Vegas is much more expensive than Reno. Even excursions like the Grand Canyon versus going to Lake Tahoe are much more expensive. But Vegas is far larger, with much more to see and do. It is a Sin City of extravagance, vice, and opulence.

Transportation System: Reno Vs. Las Vegas
Reno has a walkable downtown area, as well as taxis, Uber, Lyft, and public transport.
Las Vegas has good transportation in each respective casino hub but can be tricky to navigate.
What’s so unique and convenient in Reno is that people don’t have to rely much on transportation to get around. This is because almost every part of this city is walkable. Moreover, people can benefit from available ride-sharing and taxi options. There’s also a local bus service for people who want to explore more of the area outside the casino’s region.

For Las Vegas, the transportation convenience is a little bit different. It’s only easy if one is sticking to one part of the city, such as the downtown areas or the Strip. Still, those who want to go out of these sections can make use of the shuttle buses or the monorail that help for quick transportation. There are also many ride-sharing apps and taxis. In summary, transportation in both Reno and Las Vegas is pretty easy and not something to really worry about.

Which Is Better To Live In: Reno Or Las Vegas, Nevada?
Regarding which place is better to live, Reno or Las Vegas, this depends on what a person wants out of their everyday life. One surprising fact about Reno is that it’s actually more expensive than living south in Sin City, which makes it more of a premier destination for those retiring. However, Las Vegas has more appeal in terms of glitz and glam, with hundreds of hotels, restaurants, and things to do. Of course, that’s not to say Reno has nothing to do, but it’s certainly not Las Vegas. A major pro of being in Reno, however, is that those living there are within an hour’s drive of Lake Tahoe.

Reno is more expensive to live than Las Vegas.
The weather is better in Reno than in Sin City.
Reno is closer to the beach and California.
On top of that, the weather and overall conditions in Reno are much better than in Vegas, as it’s the northern section of Nevada. The summers in Las Vegas can be unforgiving, often hitting triple-digit weather for months on end with zero rain. In contrast, it snows, rains, and gets rather chilly in Reno, so that could be a con, depending on what someone likes. Reno is also within 30 minutes of California, so this is a nice area for anyone wanting to be closer to the ocean/beach.

So, Which Is Better: Reno Or Las Vegas?
Living in Las Vegas comes with more glitz and glam.
Reno is more chill, often boasting a quiet, laid-back feel.
In summary, which is better depends on what the person is interested in. If one wants the nightlife, the shows, the extravagant casinos, and the glittery lights, then there is no competition. Las Vegas wins, hands down. If one wants a more chill vacation in Nevada with more pleasant weather with a bit of gambling and pokies on the side, then Reno could very well be the better choice. Of course, it’s much cheaper.

For most people, the whole point of visiting Vegas is the gambling and the vices of it being Sin City. If this is the attraction, then there is simply no competition between the cities. But the cities are also getaways to some of the United States’ greatest outdoor desert playgrounds.

If one is interested more in whether Reno or Vegas is the better gateway, then they become much more difficult to compare. Las Vegas is the gateway to the hot Mojave Desert. From Vegas, one can explore Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, the scorching deserts of the Mojave Desert, and enjoy day tours to the famous Grand Canyon.

Reno is completely different. It is set in the Great Basin Desert – a cool high-country desert. This desert is much more pleasant to explore during the hot summer months and has many different attractions. Within easy distance of Reno is America’s largest alpine lake of, Lake Tahoe (it is half in California and half in Nevada), many ghost towns and Old West towns (like Virginia City), and Pyramid Lake with its unique formations.
If one would like to explore around Reno, then one will need to take a self-driving tour, whereas there are plenty of organized tours operating out of Vegas.


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