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The Best Times to Visit Belize for the Tropical Vacation


Tucked under Mexico’s Quintana Roo state on the east coast of Central America, Belize is a nature lover’s paradise. The tiny nation punches above its weight when it comes to all the tropical adventures found along its roughly 240 miles of Caribbean coastline and within its jungle interior.

Belize has 400 islands and cays, including Caye Caulker, Ambergris Caye, and Half Moon Caye. The country’s vast stretches of protected barrier reef are part of the largest barrier reef system in the Northern Hemisphere, making the country a must-visit destination for scuba divers and snorkelers. Diverse animal species — including jaguars, pumas, and ocelots – dwell in the country’s wildlands and national reserves, including the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Plus, Mayan ruins offer a fascinating look into the area’s ancient history.


Best Times to Visit Belize for Smaller Crowds
Belize is busiest around the holiday season from late December to early January and during March and April.

Best Times to Visit Belize for Good Weather
While “good weather” can be subjective, it’s safe to say most travelers want to enjoy sunny skies and moderate temperatures and avoid tropical thunderstorms and stifling humidity.
Best Times to Visit Belize for Lower Prices
June and July can be a good time to take advantage of discounted travel

Woollam points to September and October as the traditional sweet spot in Belize for landing lower prices outside of the hotter summer months but warns



Best Times to Visit Belize for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
With waters so blue and brilliant, almost everyone who visits Belize wants to spend some time splashing in the Caribbean Sea. You can snorkel and scuba dive year round in Belize with an average water temperature of around 80 degrees, depending on the season. Water and air temperatures are slightly cooler in Belize during the dry season, which starts in November and runs to July.

To find diving and snorkeling tour operators, head to spots like Placencia, Ambergris Caye, and Caye Caulker.

For a truly special marine encounter, Allison recommends traveling offshore from Placencia to Gladden Spit.

Worst Times to Visit Belize
There really isn’t a terrible time to visit Belize, as long as you can handle some inclement weather. If you want to avoid the rain, steer clear of Belize from June through November, which is when hurricane season intersects the rainiest months of the year. While rainstorms during this period are unlikely to wash out an entire day’s worth of vacation fun, they can lead to canceled activities when there’s a heavy enough downpour, so it’s something to consider as you plot out your trip.

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