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Oaxaca Itinerary (3): Monte Albán and take a food tour



Monte Albán
This site is a pre-Columbian UNESCO World Heritage Site located just 15 minutes outside town (with regular shuttles to and from downtown). Founded in the sixth century BCE, Monte Albán was one of the earliest Mesoamerican cities and an important sociopolitical and economic center for almost a thousand years.


Start your visit by stopping in at the museum, as it’ll give you context, especially if you’re not on a guided tour. Then, wander the sprawling site at your leisure, climbing ancient Zapotec pyramids and admiring the tombs, terraces, and canals that span several miles. The site takes about 2-3 hours to visit, depending on your pace. Bring a hat and sunscreen, as there isn’t much shade.

Ignacio Bernal S/N, San Pedro Ixtlahuaca. Open daily 10am-4pm. Admission is 90 MXN.

Upon returning to the city, explore the culinary scene with a guided food tour. Oaxaca is considered one of the most important hubs for gastronomy in Mexico.

Tour prices vary but expect to spend 2,000 MXN.


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