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A Peak District Weekend Itinerary



After 15 minutes out of the city and cruising around doing some epic Peak District weekend road trips, exploring the area’s iconic landscapes, historic villages and tourist attractions.



The Peak District was actually the UK’s first-ever national park and is one of the country’s most popular parks to visit, probably due to the ease of access being close to major cities like Manchester and Sheffield. But there’s absolutely no denying it’s impossibly beautiful and interesting too! It really has an abundance of varied attractions, no matter what you’re into – whether that’s walking or biking through iconic landscapes, uncovering fascinating history, visiting pretty villages or simply eating local delicacies!

For a 1,438sq km national park, no it’s not. Ideally you need five days to a week. However, two days will allow you to speed visit a few of the Peak’s highlights.

So, having done many trips across the national park, you can go to Peak District weekend road trip itinerary, which suggests where to go and what to see within two days and two nights.

So, be prepared to wake up early and wear a comfy pair of shoes